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Rhythmic Virus

Description :

Assume the role of the ace player sent to save the Earth's music legacy from destruction.

Instructions :    
In the year 2017, an unknown hacker wrote a malicious code which he integrated into a free streaming programme. It quickly spread itself across all of the worlds music existing in electronic form, infecting 90% of the globe’s computer systems. The hacker aptly named it "rhythmic virus" since the virus disguised itself in wavelength of the actual sound which made it nearly immune to detection. However another hacker, using his knowledge of nanoelectronics, managed to design sophisticated sound-bots which could in fact spot the virus, but were unable to survive its ferocious attacks for long enough in order to crack the malicious code. In the very last line of defense, a human operator of the bots known as the ‘player’ was called up.

Game description:
Your task is to keep the nanobots alive for as long as possible so that they have enough time to gather the necessary information required for breaking the code of the virus and creating the "antidote". Be careful as nanobots could be easily destroyed if too many seeds hit them or, contrary, if they gather too much information which causes the system overload resulting in setting off the self-destruction. Use bonuses to keep them alive until the song is over and the virus transmission is stopped.

Cursor control - Mouse
Buy bonus - Keys 1-7
Pause - ESC or SPACE

Strategy guide:
To maximize your score adhere to the following rules:
1. Gain medals using bonuses
- More medals means lower price and shorter cool down for appropriate bonus
- Higher score multiplier
2. Play the game to unlock cursor size bonus
- Bigger cursor means better score multiplier but less money as well
3. Catch seeds to unlock extra cursor shapes
- Better shape means extra nanobots in the game and higher score multiplier
- More seeds you catch more money you earn
4. Maximize combo to unlock new bonuses
- Taking more seeds in a row means more bonuses available in the game and better score multiplier as well
5. Maximize score to unlock new songs
- New songs will raise the number of seeds released and increase score multiplier as well

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